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Modululan Mode: Frequency Modulan (FM)

Frequency Range: UHF 520-960MHz

                                  (Depending on the region)

Dynamic Range: >90dB

Adudio Frequency Respone: 40Hz  ̴15KHz ± 3dB

Total Harmonic Distrotion: <0.03%

Signal-to-noise Ratio:>80dBm

Chassis:1U metal chass with angle codes

Frequncy Seletion: Automatic Frequency seletion

Disply: LCD disply shows working frequencies,current channel RF level

Af level, and mute indicatios

Power suplyy: DC 12  ̴ 15v


Trasmitter options: handle,bodypack

Battrery: 2xAA size alkaline batteries for MIC Rf Trasmitter Output: 10mW maximum Working Range: 60  ̴100m (196  ̴300ft)


Price  : NUMBER  1 HENDEL METAL  Rp. 650.000

           : NUMBER 1 HENDEL CLIP METAL Rp.700.000

            : NUMBER 1 CLIP ON +HS METAL Rp. 740.000

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